Baba said, “You do away, destroy the Teli’s wall between us, so that we can see and meet each other face to face” in Sri Sai Satcharitra, Ch. XXXV.


Of Bayazid it is said that one evening, a saint, Hazarat Razi, came to visit him. Bayazid not at home. The saint waited the whole night, but he did not return.

Early next morning, the holy man found Bayazid in the graveyard, standing on his toes, lost in the ecstasy of communion with Allah!

When the sun rose in the east, Bayazid came to his normal consciousness.

Hazarat Razi said to him in humility, “O Friend of God, tell me something of the experience you had last night!”

Bayazid answered, “The Lord conferred on me twenty boons, but I would have none of them, for every boon is a barrier, a veil between me and the Beloved!”

Hazarat Razi was deeply moved. With tear touched eyes, he said to Bayazid, “Master, give me teaching!”

Bayazid said, “Remember, if you were granted all the virtues of Adam, all the purity of Gabriel, all the gifts of Abraham, all the longings of Moses and all the love of Prophet Mohammad – still you would be far from God. For all these are no better than veils! Seek God for His sake alone, and all that you need, will come to you!”



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