The person who has this photograph, his calamities would vanish – Experiences of Rumalwala Baba



The person who has this photograph, his calamities would vanish – Experiences of Rumalwala Baba

In Madhya Pradesh, there is a big town named Indore. There is a big temple of Raja Vikramaditya’s deity Goddess Harishiddhi. In the year 1915, there lived a Fakir named Rumalwala Baba besides the temple. He was called a Mast Fakir. He never used to beg, and he was in meditation of Sai Baba for 24 hours. Although there was no need to go to Shirdi for Baba’s Darshan, he went to Shirdi many times to be engrossed in Baba.

In the year 1915, in the month of May on a Friday, he visited Shirdi for Sai Baba’s Darshan. While he was meditating in Dwarkamai a photographer came and captured Baba’s photo and ran away with the camera. Baba abused him a lot for his act. On the third day i.e. Sunday, the photographer came and gifted the photograph to Sai Baba in the presence of Rumalwala Baba. At that time Prof. Ganpatrao Narke, son-in-law of Shri Bapu Saheb Buti, was seated before Baba to talk about his job. Baba gave the photograph to him and said, “Take this! The person who has this photograph, his calamities would vanish (Beda Paar Ho Gayega).

Rumalwala Baba thought that how nice would be of Baba, if he had given me such an incomparable photograph. After that people sang Madhyayan Arti, stotras, Baba gave Udi to all and ordered everybody to go and have their lunch.

Like a bird is not happy without wings, so is a snake without a pearl, an elephant is not happy without its trunk, so Rumalwala Baba was unhappy without the photograph. He went to Balabhau’s lodge to eat, but could not even eat a morsel. Some how he finished off his lunch and got up to give Balabhau eight annas for the lunch. Then along with the money the photograph also came out from his pocket. He became so happy and emotional that he started dancing and jumping. He said to everyone, “See I got Baba’s divine photograph, see I got Baba’s divine photograph. Baba had said whosoever preserves this photograph, his calamities would vanish”. By getting Baba’s divine photograph, there was no bound to happiness of Rumalwala Baba. He was very excited, his eyes overflowed with tears, he kept the photo near his heart and started embracing it again and again. After some days, Rumalwala went back to Indore; he kept the photograph in a recess of a wall.

Some years later, a devotee named Shri. Pathakji started visiting Rumalwala Baba. One day he took the photograph in his hands. Seeing this Rumalwala Baba, became very angry and said, “You have angered me by taking the photograph in your hands. Now don’t keep it here. You take the photograph and keep it with you. Whoever has this photograph, preserves it, worships it, lights lamp and incense stick before it, their calamities would vanish. In this way the divine photograph of Baba passed away from Rumalwala Baba to Shri. Pathakji.

There was a Sai Baba devotee named Gajananrao Krishnarao Nirakhe. People used to call him Bapu Saheb, and for offering service visited frequently Shirdi. He lived in Gandhinagar. After getting the divine photograph of Sai Baba, Shri Pathakji, joined the team of Bapu Saheb for visiting Shirdi. Seeing the utmost devotion to Sai Baba, Shri Pathakji sent that divine photograph to Bapu Saheb through another devotee of Sai Baba named Shri Upasani. He danced and jumped with joy after getting the photo. He got the photograph framed and tied it around his neck. Devotees of Indore built a temple for Sai Baba. The idol of Sai Baba was duly installed by Bapu Saheb.

In the year 1987, on 10th and 11th October, in a huge hall of Shreyas School, Baroda, Akhil Bhartiya Sai Sammelan was held. Late Shri. Maganlal Jermanwala, author of Sai Sarovar Book was honored. Indore’s Bapu Saheb was also present on the occasion. He had that divine photograph of Sai Baba which he himself tied around his neck. Sai Baba then inspired Bapu Saheb to give the photograph to Sai Sarovar.

Source: Translated from Gujarati Book “Sai Sarovar”



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