Baba helped Shri Nivruthi Patil Shirdi in getting grain Separating Machine from Kriloskar firms


Baba helped Shri Nivruthi Patil Shirdi in getting grain SeparatingMachine from Kriloskar firms

Shri Nivrutti Patil who resided before Shri Sai Baba’s Chawadi, Shirdi who was with Sai Baba deceased in August, 1983. Recently before his death, he gone to Kopergaon and enquired the Agent of the Kirloskar Firm about the availability of (Sarak in Marathi) grain separating machine. He told that the name of the purchaser has to register his name first and wait for his turn of supply and the machine would cost Rs. 1100/- per machine. As he was in urgent need of the machine, he has gone to Kirloskarwadi with two others direct and enquired there Shri Shankar Rao Kirloskar, Baba’s devotee, that they came from Shirdi to purchase three Sarak. He replied that there was no stock then and requested them to come sometime later. In the meanwhile, a worker by name Shri Kulkarni who visited Shirdi and met them at Shirdi came there. They told the fact and added voluntarily (told a lie) that they came after the positive chit obtained in the casting of lots before Baba to the effect that the Sarak would be available. Shri Kulkarni told Shankar Rao that they came from Shirdi for Sarak with Baba’s order and we should not refuse them. Shri Shankar Rao told Kulkarni you may look after them as you were dealing with the supply of Sarak and why did you require my permission? During their conversation, a telegram came from Hyderabad which stated that they require only 61 sarak against their orders for 63 Saraks. Shri Nivrutti Patil purchased that two saraks at Rs. 500/- each instead if Rs. 1100/- each at Kopargaom. He told to all in Shirdi that even though he told a lie in Baba’s name, Baba proved it to be a true one. Is not this Baba’s Leela to help his devotees,

Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance bethere ! I




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