What is the secret of your joy?



What is the secret of your joy?

You may go anywhere on the face of this earth, I am always with you. I reside in your heart and I am within you.” – Shri Sai Samarth Satcharita, Ch. 15, Ovi 69.

A number of people attack a disciple of a great Master. Some spit at him, some beat him, some pelt stones at him, some tear his clothes and some abuse him. He continued to smile.

A man says to him, “Where is your Master? Why does he not appear in this hour of your piteous need and show us a miracle?”

Quietly answers the disciple, “What greater miracle than this that even though I am treated thus, I feel I am in heaven?”

Astonished, the man asks, “I find you are being treated as though you were in hell! Where is your heaven?”

The disciple smiles again and says, “My heaven is within my heart: and no man may take it away from me. Even if my body is cut into pieces, yet will I continue to abide in the joy that is deathless.”

The man asks, “What is the secret of your joy?” the disciple answers, “I bow to the Will Divine. In His Will is my highest good. For the Lord Loves me, and I love Him!”

Yes, the man who bows to the Will Divine, who loves the Lord and lives in Him, knows that all is well, supremely well! For him heaven is here and now – and for ever and evermore!



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