Bandra lady came and sat before baba with chronic (7 years) headache.

Baba (touching and gently stroking her head): Your head is aching. Is it not?

Bandra lady: It was. Now it has ceased.

(The chronic headache left her at once and for-ever)

Baba: You have been feeding me so well these years.

Bandra lady: I am seeing you only now.

Baba: But I have been seeing you ever since your infancy.

Bandra lady was greatly puzzled.

Baba: What worship had you in your house?

Bandra lady: Ganapathy’s

Baba: In your mother’s house?

Bandra lady: Ganapathy. I have given all flowers fruits and eatables to ganapathy.

Baba: All that has come to me. So since your girlhood I have been seeing you.

Bandra lady: Baba, people say that my Ganapathy is right handed and besides, one hand is broken and so they say it must be thrown away. Is that right?

Baba: If your child breaks its arm, will you cast it into water? Worship it daily.

Baba: Mother, I have to visit your house thrice a day,

Bandra lady: Yes, Baba

A local lady was astonished at this statement as she saw Baba daily at Shirdi, and said “Baba what is this strange thing you say?

Saibaba: I do not speak falsehood. I am Mahalaxmi. Mother I came to your house. You give me things to eat, is that not true?

Bandra lady: Yes, Baba

Shirdi Lady: Truly, does Baba go to you and do you feed him?

Bandra lady: Yes.

Baba to Master T: Do I not come to your house?

Master T: Yes, Baba.

Saibaba to Shirdi Lady: Yes, mother, I go easily to Bhav’s house (I,e., Bhav’s house at Bandra). In the middle, there is a wall, Jumping over it, next comes the railway line, and then Bhav’s house. (Here Baba described the crow’s flight from Shirdi to the lady’s house at Bandra). I have to fly across walls and excavations.)

(Baba’s Charters and Sayings, No. 172, 173)



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