Baba helped Smt. K. Arundati Amma and brought out the Nail from the lungs of her son



Baba helped Smt. K. Arundati Amma and brought out the Nail from the lungs of her son

Her son aged about ten, when playfully keeping a small iron nail in his mouth, suddenly drew it inside his mouth. The nail instead of going into the bowels went through the wind pipe into the lungs. There was great trouble and consternation in the house. Doctor was called in. The day after this, the boy was taken to the general Hospital. X-Ray Photos were taken and then the doctors gave the boy chloroform and then passed a magnet wire through his mouth into his lungs and tried to draw out the nail. That attempt was a failure.

Five days passed. The boy was getting light temperature and could take no nutrition. He was getting weaker and was sinking. Pus had formed in the lungs. The doctor feared the worst would happen, unless drastic remedies be adopted to reduce the temperature.

For that purpose, the patient must have the nail extricated, which meant chloroform very risky. When doctors were hesitating, she declared that Baba would save the boyand the risk must be taken. Chloroform was given and the insertion of magnetic wire on this occasion brought out the iron nail and the boy gradually recovered his health. Baba helped her family and saved the life of her son.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance bethere !!




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