Devotee who got Divine Vision and walking on water across the river along with Baba

Portraid sent to Sadhu Bhayya
Baba’s photograph sent to Shri Saddhubhaiyya


Devotee who got Divine Vision and walking on water across the river along with Baba


Excerpts from a letter written by Hon. Krishnarao Narayan Parulkar to Hon. Shri Hari Sitaram Dixit from Harda on 17 February 1915.

Hon. Shri Saddubhaiyya received a letter from you followed by Sai Samarth’s photo brought by Shri Balakramji and Shri Muktaramji. The photo was duly installed in Saddubhaiyya’s house as advised by them and a ‘Laghurudra Pooja’ was performed. The festivities ended with Baba’s Prasad.

The very day of the Sthapana, my wife and my cousin Narayandada Jijgaonwale both received divine revelations as follows :-

Narayandada saw that he was standing in front of Baba in Shirdi, when Baba said, ‘‘I am going to Harda. You come with me.” They both came to the banks of the Godavari (Shirdi side); but the waters were flowing above the usual level. On the banks were two open sacks of wheat. Sai said to Narayandada, ‘‘How shall we go now?” Suddenly there were about ten bulls loaded with baggage, and a Pucca road in the water. They walked along with the bulls from the post near my house to the one near Saddubhaiyya’s house and then disappeared.

In her revelation, my wife saw Madhavrao holding a Thali with a coconut, a blouse-piece and Kumkum in it and told her, Baba had sent it.

Shri Balakramji and Shri Muktaramji are here and there is great joy during the Pooja and Aarati twice a day. With your blessings Sai gave divine Darshan and Prasad to us. We are waiting for the day Sai Samarth will send you to Harda.

Shri Sai Leela, Year I, Paush Shaké 1845 / vol. 11

Translated into English by Jyoti Ranjan Raut


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