“When I am sitting here for you all, there is no need to worry” -Baba



“When I am sitting here for you all, there is no need to worry” -Baba


Kakasaheb’s brother Rajaram Dixit lived in Nagpur. As he grew old, his health deteriorated. Kakasaheb resided in Shirdi at that time. So a letter was sent to him by Rajaram describing his own condition. In the end it was written, “If you are present in Nagpur in this time of calamity, it would be helpful to me. Hence as soon as you receive this letter, leave Shirdi and come to me.”

As per Kakasaheb’s practice, he went to Baba holding the letter in his hand. Baba who was Antaryami said, “Rajaram is nearing his old age. Thus it is obvious that he will be surrounded by bad health. So what is the use of your going there. Go and sit in your wada (lodging). When I am sitting here for you all, there is no need to worry”.

When this discussion was going on between Baba and Kakasaheb in Shirdi, a Fakir in Bhagwa Vastra (saffron colored dress as Saints used wear) stood in the courtyard of Rajaram’s house in Nagpur. He said, “I am a Sevak (servant) of Sai Baba of Shirdi.”

All the members welcomed Fakir on hearing Sai Baba’s name. Fakir took out handful of Udi and gave to Rajaram as prasad from Sai Baba. Rajaram partook some Udi with Baba’s name. And wonders, all his sickness was destroyed by Udi in few minutes. He sent Kakasaheb a detailed letter regarding this incident, “By taking Udi which Sai Baba had sent through His Sevak, all my sufferings have ended, now it will be fine if you don’t come.” Thus this Fakir who is named as Sai Baba is very kind, ocean of mercy and great loving Mother.

Babaji, I pray to you to be with us all the time and guide us in every step of life.



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