The Law of Karma




Baba to RS Dev: What you sow, so you reap. What you give, you get.


Baba to a sub-judge, convicted of corruption, who went to him for blessings for the success of the appeal against his conviction-sow margosa and afterwards reap margosa. Cut off that tree.


Baba: What you can account for, as the result of your present effort is the result of present Karma. What you cannot thus trace, is due to your past karma. Results accrue differently to two persons doing the same act, that difference may be put down to the difference in their poorva karma.

Inexplicability of unforeseen and unforeseeable results may disappear in view of poorva karma. (So do not go on exulting or dejected, nor should you blame others).

Recognize the existence of the Moral law as governing results. Therefore unswervingly follow the Moral law. If you do not get the fruits or results of your action now, they will come in later births.

As for the Vasanas, the Moral Law is inexorable and evident. So, by following and observing the Moral Law, you reach your goal-God, the perfection of the Moral Law.

(Baba’s Charters and Sayings, No. 310-312)



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