Experiences of Sai Maharaj – Experiences recorded by late Hon. Hari Sitaram Dixit – Part 2

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Experiences of Sai Maharaj

Experiences recorded by late Hon. Hari Sitaram Dixit – Part 2



When Sakharam Hari Jog alias Bapusaheb’s mother passed away, he decided to go to Nasik for the funeral rites and asked for Baba’s permission to leave. But, Baba kept delaying the permission day by day. Ultimately Bapusaheb said that there was no Brahmin from his branch in Shirdi and he had to go to Nasik that day. Baba said, “Let’s see in the afternoon.” Hardly had Baba uttered these words, a highly educated Brahmin from Jog’s branch arrived. Now, there was no reason to go to Nasik and all the funeral rites were completed in Shirdi only. The last time Bapusaheb Jog asked for permission to go to Nasik. I was present. I had said, ‘‘Baba! Let three of us go – we will leave Bapusaheb in Nasik and then proceed to Mumbai.” Upon this, Baba had commented, “I am not one to leave anyone.”



Once, one of my friends came for Sai’s Darshan and started pressing Baba’s feet while he sat there. Suddenly, Baba said, “Don’t press my feet; move aside.” The gentleman complied. After sometime his eyes were seen to be filled with tears. Sometime later he started pressing Baba’s feet once again. Sai did not say anything.

Later, when my friend returned to the Wada, he said, ‘‘when I first started pressing Baba’s feet, an unpleasant thought occurred in my mind. Immediately Baba told me to move aside. I felt extremely ashamed and sorry. I mentally asked Baba to forgive me. Afterwards, when I started pressing Baba’s feet once again, He did not stop me.”

Baba’s devotees always had such experiences. Truly, Baba’s ways of teaching were beyond description.



One morning, when I went for Baba’s Darshan, He was standing near the Dhuni. As soon as I touched His Feet He said, ‘‘why are you worried? I take care of everyone.” I folded my hands in a Namaste and said, ‘‘Truly, You worry for everyone.” Since we experienced his caring for all, I agreed whole heartedly. Yet, I did not understand, why He uttered those words at that time. The matter was cleared, when I returned to Mumbai. When Baba had spoken those words, my little daughter was playing in the living room. While playing, she tried to climb up on the cupboard in the corner; but it came crashing down on her. She fell down and it landed on top of her. There were some glass and metal toys on top of the cupboard; but as though the great care-taker Baba had put the toys aside, the little girl was not hurt, except for a broken bangle which grazed her hand.

Another time, when this girl was five years old, she went to the toilet at night. There was a huge snake inside; but the servant accompanying her, happened to see it, before she did and quickly took her away.



Uddhavesh Buva of Dahanu once went to Dwarka on a pilgrimage. His entire entourage went from Mumbai by ship. The tickets were with Buva. The tickets were in two parts – one for the ferry that carried them from the coast to the ship and one for the ship itself. Uddhavesh Buva separated the two parts and kept the ferry tickets in his pocket and the ship tickets in his wallet.

While he was on the ship, he had to remove his wallet for some reason. He happened to be standing next to the railing at that time. Somehow his wallet fell overboard and everything in the wallet, including his money and the tickets became an offering for the sea.

While getting off the ship one had to give the tickets to the ticket-collector.

Buva narrated the entire story to the ticket-collector and as proof showed him the ferry tickets; whereupon he was satisfied and he let them go.

In Dwarka, they had to pay taxes for bathing in the Gomati, touching the feet of God and to do a Puma. Since Buva had no money left and he did not believe in asking anyone; but Baba for help, he wrote a letter to Shirdi.

The day he posted the letter to Shirdi, a wealthy man from Dahanu dreamt of Baba who asked him to immediately give money to Buva who had lost all his money at sea. The gentleman immediately sent an insured money order of Rs. 50/- to Buva and also wrote a note narrating the dream with it.



When Shankarrao Kshirsagar Mamlatdar came for Baba’s Darshan, Baba asked for Dakshina. He gave all the money in his pocket to Baba. After he returned to the Wada, someone asked him, ‘‘Where is the money for your return journey?”

Shankarrao said, ‘‘Baba will provide.”

That evening, the post-master of Rahata came to Shirdi along with a guest. This fellow happened to have borrowed Rs. 20/- from Shankarrao some years ago. He returned the amount without being asked for it. Thus Shankarrao was provided with all, he needed for his return journey.

(- to be contd)



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