Jog had lent Rs.1,400/- to an Aurangabad man. When the limitation term was approaching,

Jog to Baba: Baba, give me leave to go to Aurangabad.

Baba: The debtor himseld will come here. Then ask him.

Jog, flaring up: Am I to lose Rs. 2 to 3 thousand? I will not do your Pooja and Arati from tomorrow. Without money, how can I get on here?

Baba: Where will your money go? Sit at home it will come.

Jog: I cannot listen to you. Will he come of his own accord? Even when I went to him, he did not pay. Unless a suit is filed, he will not pay.

Baba: Let it rest.

Jog gave up hopes of recovery of the amount. At last the debtor came, long after limitation time, and offered only Rs.1,400/- the principal. Jog would not agree.

Baba: Jog take it and give him release.

Then Jog took it and placed it before Baba.

Baba took a part and gave the rest to Jog.


(Baba’s Charters and Sayings, No. 378)




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