He only knows what is best and most suitable to each and all” – Sri Sai Satcharitra, Ch. XXIX.

Have you heard about the American who found himself stranded when his car suddenly came to a standstill? Something had gone wrong with his Ford but he did not know what it was. He got out and looked at the engine, but could detect o fault.

Hopelessly, he stood there, when, at a distance, he saw another car approaching. He waved to it for help.

It was a brand new Ford car. Out of it stepped a tall, friendly man who asked, “Well, what’s the trouble?”

“There’s something wrong with the engine,” was the reply. “It has just stopped”

The stranger put his head under the bonnet, and made a few adjustments. Then he said, “Now start the car!”

The engine stirred to life at once. The grateful driver shook hands with the stranger and introduced himself. “May I know your good name sir?” he asked his unknown benefactor.

“Henry Ford,” said the stranger. The man who made the Ford car, also knew how to make it run!”

God, who has made us, also knows how to make us run. All we have to do is to leave it to Him.



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