Who am I? Who are We?


Who am I? Who are We?

In October 1917, Baba spoke to aBombay Lady.

Baba : Mother, what do you want? Ask for it.

Lady: Let me be free from the whirl of births and deaths.

Baba(laughing): Is this all you want? What! Have you come to die?

Lady(shocked): Baba, I do not at all understand you

Baba: Think who you are.

Lady: I do not understand.

Baba (pointing to her husband): He will tell you.

Then the lady went with her husband to her lodgings and asked him what Baba meant.

Husband: Baba’s words are mysterious. I cannot be sure I have made out his meaning. Probably he means something like this. The Jiva goes on reincarnating any number of times till it gets Sakshatkar i.e., sees or realises God. Baba is God. But people seeing him do not get full faith and do not see him i.e., feel him to be God; and hence they do not get Mukti.

One must learn from the sastras, that essentially Jiva and Siva are one. You think yourself to be a Jiva is it not?

Lady: Yes.

Husband: Baba and the Sastras want you to regard yourself as Siva or God.

Lady: No. No. I am a petty sinner-a Jiva and not the great God Siva.

Husband: No doubt that is your feeling. But Baba means that by constantly regarding yourself as God, your deeply ingrained belief that you are only a finite Jiva will be removed. This process continued, may be through numerous births and strengthened and helped by contact with saints will give you the firm belief that you are Brahman. That must be Baba’s meaning.

(The pair again returned to Dwaraka Mai)

Baba: Mother, I have listened (from here) to all that your husband told you. Keep that in mind.

(Baba’s Charters and Sayings, No. 121)




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