Baba Wants Garlic Chatni and Bread


Baba Wants Garlic Chatni and Bread

When Chandrabai R. Borkar was at Kopergaon during sravana or chaturmasya of 1908, an unknown fakir appeared before her and wanted Garlic chatni and bread.

She said that she did not take garlic in chaturmasya and the fakir disappeared.

Having heard of Sai Baba and his taking onion every day, she thought that fakir might be Sai Baba. So she went to Shirdi for the first time and bowed before Sai Baba.

Baba told her, “You have not given garlic chatni and bread! Any why have you come here?”

This confirmed her idea that the fakir who come to her was Baba and she answered “Yes, I have come to give garlic chatni and bread”.

Baba then said that she was his sister for seven generations and had always sought him out

(Baba’s Charters and Sayings #355-A)


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