Baba’s Appearance to Mahlsapathy at Jejuri

Baba’s Appearance to Mahlsapathy at Jejuri

Mahlsapathy went on a pilgrimage to Jejuri with his Palki. Plague was raging there. Mahlsapathy and his companions set down the Palki and in great dejection Mahlsapathy sat leaning against his Palki.

He thought there was someone behind. He turned and saw Baba, who at once disappeared.

He told his companions that Baba was with them. They all get bold and stayed on for four days, none of them being affected with plague and they went back safe. On their return,

Baba: Bhagat, you had a fine pilgrimage. You sat leaning against the Palki. At that time, I had come there.

Thus Baba assured him that Baba actually was present at Jejuri with his wonderful powers and that Mahlsapathy was not under any hallucination or delusion, when he had the vision of Baba.

(Baba’s Charters and Sayings, No. 352)


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