Baba Saved from Jaws of Death of Shri C. Mankewallah and gave direct visions & guidances


Baba Saved from Jaws of Death of Shri C. Mankewallah from Ahmedabad and gave direct visions & guidances.

Ahmedabad is a still strange-though not so very dramatic where- instance of Baba’s chamatkars took place. Here a well-known lawyer of good standing, Sri C. Mankewallah, was the person to whom or for whose benefit Baba’s Leelas were performed. We may give his experience as it appeared in the September 1953 issue of the Sai Sudha, in the words of Sri Mankewallah himself.

From 1948 to 1952, for five years continuously, I suffered from dropsy and gastric ulcer. I had no appetite. I vomited blood and could not eat anything or even take water. My weight became abnormal, viz. 300 pounds last year, from January onwards. I was bed ridden. Doctors attended on me. About 1952 April, the chief doctor of the hospital and other consulting doctors of the city gave up hope of my recovery. On one day, the chief doctor noticing that blood in profuse quantity was coming out of my mouth and that my weight due to dropsy was abnormally high, viz. 300 pounds said that there was no sufficient blood in the body and that surrounding poisons would prove fatal in 2 days.

Some friends and relations had advised me to worship Sai Baba (whose temple was opposite to my house) in April, 1952 and I had hung up Baba’s picture in front of me and worshipped him. After looking into his photo, I got affection for him. First, I had apprehension that I should not worship a Mohammedan Saint. But, the continuous attraction of His photo on my mind and relation’s talk gave me a sudden vision of Baba when I was awake at 6 p.m. He then said to me. “I am not a Fakir. But I am an incarnation of Guru Datta. There are nine gems (including me) that are incarnation of Datta, namely, Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur, Dhuniwala Dada of Khandwa, Vishnu Debananda Saraswathi of Narmada, the Mahant of Akkalkote, etc.” The next day, I got 2 books in Gujarati on Baba and read them. Some days later when the doctor completely gave up hopes and stated that life will pass away in 2 hours (at noon), then Baba appeared in front of me at about 1 p.m. First a light came from the door and Baba came in that light, and my mother Sri Sivaganga and I saw Him and heard His words. He said “Baccha, Mad gabra tumara sub dukha me hardeya” to me; and to my mother he said “Tumara sub dukha me hardeya” which means, “Child, fear not, All your disease (or troubles) I have taken away.” “Send your grandson immediately to Shirdi.”

Then he disappeared through the door. As my son had not sufficient experience of travel and as my sudden death would necessitate the presence of my son for funerals as apprehended by some, I and my mother had to consult together, but we told my son to start in the evening for Shirdi, and he did. At 6p.m. on that day, Baba again appeared and told us. “Do not be afraid. I am with your son also. Tomorrow at 12 O’clock you will receive a wire from your son that he has reached Shirdi safe.” After 6 p.m. the doctor visited me. He again gave up hopes of my survival and mocked at the above experience which was narrated to him. He said. “This is a mere hallucination.” In 1 or 2hours, life would depart. This he said to my mother, and other close relations. Next day, at 12 noon, I got my son’s wire “Reached Shirdi safe.” Then from that moment, I began to purge. I purged continuously for 24 hours. Urine also passed. No blood passed. Next day, all poisons had passed out in that way, in the stools and urine; and my body became light. It is weighed. The weight was 75 pounds. The heart beating and the pulse were normal. The doctor came when the purging was going on. He was surprised. He was present at the weighing and the resumption of normal pulse and normal beating of the heart. The doctor was satisfied that I had now become safe and was saved by the “mysterious ways of Baba”. From that date of my health regularly improved. In 2 months, I could and did take ordinary food. I am alright since then. I am doing regular lawyer’s work now as before. I am always praying to Baba. In other matters, e.g., domestic, Baba is guiding me and protecting me. Then I went to Shirdi and I have now completed all my South Indian pilgrimages. I will visit Shirdi again on my way back home.

I came to Madras 3 or 4 days back, as the guest of Mr. Ambalsi Khapadia of Adyar. On 8th night and on 9th morning, I had a vision of Baba (about 5 a.m.). He commanded me to visit his temple in Mylapore and all his devotees there. So I came here yesterday and to-day.

In 1953 was the first appearance of Baba to Sir Mankewalla but this did not stop with 1953. In 1954 he had repeated appearance and help of Baba. That was for his benefit. But Baba appeared before him in August 1954 for the benefit of the public. This pamphlet had been written, and attempts were being made to print it in August. There was inordinate delay on the part of some printer who undertook the task of printing it.

Meanwhile Baba made use of the delay for furnishing the best answer to the question at the top of this pamphlet. He appeared on the morning of 23-8-1954 to Sri Mankewalla and the message he gave was for publication and broadcasting of this pamphlet and also in the History of Sai Baba that was being written by Sri B. V. N. Swami which was nearing completion for which also the following message was the best Epilogue as it was for this pamphlet. This message published in Sai Sudha, September, 1954, runs as follows: It is with great sense of surprise, joy, and blessedness that I am penning these few lines to you, being yesterday night reminded by Shri Saibaba, who, with His habitual smiling face, inspired me in semi awakened state at the dawn of the morning to refer this matter to you, and to bring to your notice that Shri Baba is always present before his bhaktas. He is the guiding and all pervading power that shapes the ends of devotees and even of the universe. He has once saved me from the jaws of death, and he only guides me in all my and everybody’s career, in this world. I saw Baba standing before me with his stick laughing, and telling me the above fact and especially asking me to refer the same to you. Why? That I do not know?

By the grace of Shri Baba after I recovered from (attack of the icy hands of Pluto) death I appeared in many civil and criminal cases including cases under sections 302, 307 I. P. C. murders, homicide, and I have become successful in all cases. Every moment in life, I feel the presence of Shri Baba. I always feel that like a parent taking care of his child, He always takes care of me. I have sometimes to pass through severe tests in life. I had to struggle hard with worldly affairs, but in all, l am triumphant. Even in spiritual worship, Baba’s presence is felt. He always reminds me at the proper time and makes me feel that he is present watching all my movements, and guiding and shaping my life’s career in a wonderful way.

I again remind you that I am writing you this at the express command of Shri Baba, who has commanded me to refer this matter to you.” Again to make assurance doubly sure, Baba was invited to write his name at Thotapalli Hills, Santi Asram on a silver plate. His autograph in Telugu was, accordingly found on the plate. That by the kindness of Sri Omkar Swami was sent to Sri Rajeswarananda who presided on 6-10-54 at the 81st birthday celebration of Sri B. V. Narasimha Swami and presented by him to Sri B. V. Narasimha Swami. It is now kept among articles in the Pooja room of the A.I.S.S. Mylapore Sai Mandir to enable all devotees to see for themselves how Baba is the “Living” God of his devotees actively helping every one in the universe.

From all these the above instances are only an infinitesimal fraction of the miracle and benevolent acts done by Baba throughout the country – one would see that Sai Baba is undoubtedly now living and retaining the same nature and carrying on the same mission. During his lifetime up to 1918 at Shirdi, Baba said ‘Mei Allahum.’ His natural functions and mission were all divine. There are undoubtedly to help people who put faith in God, especially in the form of Sai. So, Sai is still carrying on his mission of removing the distress, of strengthening faith, of helping devotees from trouble, (Paritranaya Sadhunam), and of leading those who surrender themselves to him to the highest goal that man can attain, (Dharina Samstapanartaya). Baba is continuing his life in ethereal or Apantaratma shape without any fleshy body, though whenever he chooses, like Narada and Bhrigu, he does put on his fleshy body and appears to people in order to carry out his high and divine plans for the benefit of individuals or society. This will, therefore, suffice for this short pamphlet to enable people to shake off their doubts, fears, and inertia, and rouse them into a determination to get to know more of Baba, to get more contact with him, and to get all that they want, especially freedom from disease, trouble, etc. with his aid, ultimately freedom from all bondage, sorrow and misery.


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