Sri Sai Samaratha Satcharitra – Difficulties in compilation and indexing

Sri Sai Samaratha Satcharitra – Difficulties in compilation and indexing

Sri Sai Samaratha Satcharitra – Difficulties in compilation and indexing

Sree Sai is truly Brahman incarnate; the greatest among the saints, the Lord Paramount, whose fame has reached every corner of the earth and is the grantor of intelligence and inspiration.

I surrender to him with whole-hearted devotion. I do obeisance at his holy feet. He removes the fear of this mundane existence, and breaks the cycle of birth and death.

In the previous chapter it had been promised to give a review and then a table of contents or index, before concluding the book.

Though Pant Hemad said so, it did not happen that way. The table of contents was not drawn up or was overlooked.

He who starts the book should himself complete it, by giving the table of contents in the end. This is the usual procedure.

But there are exceptions to a rule; and this can be seen here itself. Nothing happens as one wishes. Only Baba’s wishes are over-riding.

Hemad died unexpectedly. Everyone was sorrowful. The table of contents was not to be traced; and everyone was confused.

Annasaheb’s records were difficult to find. His son, Shri Gajanan, made efforts to look and gave me whatever was needed.

Annasaheb was thrifty and did not waste even a scrap of paper. He worked with grace and tidiness, as was his nature.

He wrote a chapter on bits of paper and gave them, as is, to the printer. Unnecessary expense hurt him. He could not be compared to anyone else.

He felt pity for those lifeless, helpless scraps of paper. How would they be uplifted unless they served the lion amongst the saints i.e. Sree Sai Baba?

Hemad must have felt this way and, therefore, collected these scraps of paper, so that they could also serve. That must have been the exalted intention.

The last chapter must have been done in the same way, and must have been written on scraps of paper. A lot of thought was given to the problem, yet the index could not be found amongst the bits of paper.

The matter was told to Gajananrao and others. It was also told to Babasaheb Tarkhad, the Treasurer of the Shirdi Sansthan. All of them were of the opinion that the index should be there.

Babasaheb fixed a time limit and published this also in the Sree Sai Leela. The time lapsed, yet the index did not come forth.

Hemad, Govind, was a mine of virtues. He knew the Vedant by heart which was at his command. His book exhibited the Guru’s grace, like ‘prasad’. Incredible was the Guru’s grace.

Innumerable were the devotees of Sadguru Sai from amongst whom Hemadpant was a gem of a poet. Only someone, who was as knowledgeable as he was, would be capable of writing it.

The index did not come forth from anywhere. I felt very dejected. I prayed to Duttaguru, Sree Saibaba, and pleaded for his mercy.

I am dull-witted and insignificant, without studious contemplation or even a trace of knowledge. Being totally devoid of poetic tendency, how could I compose verses!

But there was one support that I had. When Sree Duttaguru is favourable, even the Meru mountain can be lifted as easily as a mosquito. His powers are great.

Again I prayed to Umaraman Shiva, so that Sai Narayana would become merciful and give me the inspiration to write the index immediately.

I do not have the capacity to compose poetry. Sree Gururaya is aware of my limitations. Placing my head at his feet, I shall begin writing the index.

This part of the book, viz. the index, will be composed by Sai Vakratunda (Ganapati). His grandeur is unparalleled and immense. My mouth is only his instrument.

  • Sree Sai Samartha Satcharitra, Ch. 53, Ovi 1 – 23

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